UK Hospice Facts and Figures

Though hospice care may be growing in popularity within and outside of the UK, there is still a significant amount of people who are not aware of a lot of information related to the provision of this service. Availing such information is crucial to the promotion of hospice care and can play a role in encouraging suitable candidates to consider this alternative as a viable option. Some of the interesting facts and figures related to hospice care include:

Hospice Care

The number of people using hospice care has grown over the years as more and more people have begun to view this option as not only a viable alternative but a valid solution with regard to the a patient’s quality of life. About 20, 000 patients with a terminal illness or life-limiting conditions are receiving hospice care within the UK. The kind of care that these patients receive varies according to their particular situations, but the number of users is an indication of the effectiveness of the service.

Hospice care is free. Hospice care is an effective means of ensuring a patient is able to live out their remaining days in the comfort that they deserve. It is designed to provide as much comfort as possible to the patient through battling any avoidable limitations that have been placed on the individual as a result of their condition.

Funding for Hospices

Hospice care is provided through the government and charities, it receives about a third of its income from the UK government and the rest from the public through charities, donation and fund raisers. Hospice in Scotland actually receives 40% of its overall income from the government and the remaining funds through charity work etc, in England hospice receives 33% from the government, Ireland 31% of hospice income is gained from the government and in Wales as little as 24% of the income from the government leaving the rest to be raised from the public. In the UK as a whole children’s hospice only receives 17% of all its overall income from the government leaving a massive 83% of its funds to be raised through charity work. A massive £2.7 million a day needs to be raised in order to cover hospice care adding up to over 1 billion a year. 1.3 billion was spent in 2014/2015 with 868 million being on hospice care itself.

Future Prospects of Hospice

The continued growth in the popularity of hospices indicates a steady acceptance of this care as a valid medical service within the UK. The future prospects of hospices can be determined from related prospects with regard to social aspects, development in medicine and technology, as well as population statistics. As changes in the aforementioned sectors continue to take place, the structure of hospices may need to change with the times as well. For example, it has been said that there is an expected shrinkage in family size within the UK as more people will reside alone in the future. This means that the concept of training family and loved ones to provide the needed care will dwindle in relevance as this might not be possible for those who live alone. The particular requirements of various patients could also shift to become more complex in nature which would require an adjustment of the services currently on offer with hospice care.